Happiness è un percorso dell’animo, viaggio in cui l’autore trova e cerca di
far trovare sollievo all’ascolto di un lavoro che parla una lingua proveniente
tanto da un passato ancestrale, soul, quanto da una prospettiva contemporanea
e moderna. L’acustico e l’elettronica si autosuggestionano per parlare
una lingua espressiva e ricca. I silenzi, le pause, i respiri, le dilatazioni
rappresentano il raffreddamento ad aria dell’animo per ripartire ogni qualvolta
ci si frappone l’ ostacolo. Di fronte alla realt  Fernando Saunders conosce
una sola luce. L’amore, l’amore strictu sensu.
(Pietro Ferri - Rai Trade edizioni musicali)  

English translation
Happiness is a journey of the soul, journey in which the author finds and tries to
to find relief listening to a work that speaks a language from
much to an ancestral past, soul, as from a contemporary perspective
and modern. The sound and the electronics autosuggestionano to talk
a rich and expressive language. The silences, pauses, breaths, expansion
represent the air cooling soul to share whenever
there stands the 'obstacle. Faced with the reality Fernando Saunders knows
one light. Love, love the strict sense.

(Peter Ferri - Rai Trade Music Publishing)

The New Album
" Happiness " 

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"Feel Like Crying (Wept Tears)"
featuring Suzanne Vega

Includes 7 newly remixed Vocal songs from
"Plant A Seed"
  adding new color and dimension to the songs.
 Including 5 new instrumental songs which feature
 The Bass,Violin , Guitar, Cello  and Accordion.

A beautiful and stylistic blend of music and grooves.

The New Album " Happiness " is a special release,
 a magical blend of music that will carry you on an emotional, fun and healing journey of Vocal & Instrumental Music.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed each moment of creating "Happiness"


Fernando Saunders